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Meditation is The Solution

I am Julien, DJ and Drummer connecting people with Music and with spiritual practices. I am a certified « Meditation Professor »* believing in spreading self-awareness, mindfulness & consciousness through music and meditation.

With a multicultural upbringing in French and Turkish, I live with Universal values of Love, Peace, and Life Energy and am inspired by connecting Eastern knowledges and spiritual practices with Western Traditions. I believe in cooperative enrichment in our competitive world to solve the challenges of our daily lives !

My mission is to inspire individuals with meditation and music so they can live a more harmonious and meaningful life. I hope to develop happiness and well being through transformational learning and help others enter into heightened states.

Certifs Institutes
* Meditation Professor

Certified by International Compliance Association, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine & International Institute for Complementary Therapists


I graduated from ESIEA, an engineering school with a Master’s degree in 2005. As an engineer, trained to look for solutions and optimizing systems, I developed a keen interest in applying these principles to human life with Music and Spiritual activities.

In 1997-1998, while my friends were distibuting flyers for the first parties organized by Laurent de Gourcuff (CEO of Paris Society, ex Noctis), I discovered Nightlife and started working in partnership with organizers of these events (such as IDN). My interest in Music expanded further as I started collecting HOUSE MUSIC vinyls from this golden age, heard exclusively on Radio FG.

In 2007, I worked as Production Assistant for Marc CERRONE within Malligator Productions who inspired me with his passion for the drums and its vibrations.

DJ MADGIK EMPEROR company was created with the idea of combining my engineering and DJing experiences over the last 15 years. During this period, I developed a keen interest in drumming and discovered Self-development tools (such as Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and became an NLP technician & Meditation Coach. I also worked with many DJ agencies and event organizer in Paris, as referred below, to practice DJing with drumming to entertain and help people travel into elevated dimensions. The attendance for these events ranged from 150 to 2500 people.

My mission is to contribute in building a better world by continuing to work with event organizers (who have strong partnerships with environmental NGOs, Women’s Rights NGOs, and other NGOs that fight against racism and organizations in the Arts Industry for educative purposes) and help develop Self-Awareness, Consciousness and Mindfulness in the World.


– Manoir du Golf de Saint-Cloud (Student party with IDN, 1000 attendees),
– Manège du Bois de Boulogne (Student party avec PB Evenements, 1000 attendees),
– PSE (Student Party, la Tombe Issoire, 500 attendees),
– Chao Ba in Pigalle ( bar à 3 étages became Tex Mex, 800 attendees),
– Dogstar (close to Champs Elysées, 300 attendees),
– Rival Deluxe (ex Villa-Barclay became Le Matignon, 500 attendees),
– La Rotonde (Bastille, 150 attendees),
– L’Empire du VIII (close to Champs Elysées, 200 attendees),
– Café 93 Montmartre (200 attendees),
– No Comment (close to Champs-Elysées, devenu Pink Paradise, 700 attendees),
– Billard Academy (Beaugrenelle Closed now, 1000 attendees),
– Mc Bride’s – (Irish Pub, Chatelêt, 700 attendees),
– Frog – Pub Irlandais (Bercy-Village and Bibliothèque Nationale, 450 attendees),
– Salons Vianey (18 déc. 2015 – Student party with 2500 attendees),
– Club Haussmann (16 Avril et 21 Mai 2016, Student Parties with 2000 attendees),
– Barock Club (21 Juin 2016, Student party with 1000 attendees),
– Tiger Bar (next to Chez Castel, Déc 2017, St-Germain, 200 attendees),
– O’Mantra – Les Princesses (Déc. 2017, St-Germain, 400 attendees),
– Batofar (Apéroboat Déc. 2017 – FMR SoundSystem, 400 attendees),
– La Calavados (Nouvel An 2018, close to Champs Elysées, 250 attendees)
– Les Salons HOCHE (Mars 2018, private Party, 700 attendees)
– Le Chat Noir (Mars 2019, Pigalle, 150 attendees)
– Le Chat Blanc (Mai 2019, Champs-Elysées, 150 attendees)
– Le Théâtre du Renard (Mai 2019, Student party, 500 attendees)
– le Camping Slow Village (Aout 2019, Summer Party, 250 attendees)
– Hanoi ça Phe (La Défense, Sept 2019, 250 attendees)
– Jacopo (Yeels Group, Sept 2019, Fashion Week Aftershow, 500 attendees)
– Le Jardin Sauvage (Nov 2019, Private Party, 250 attendees)

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